Cleaning Tool

Specially designed cleaning tool for Riser, BOP and TBG hanger to be used between drilling and completion phase.            

The cleaning tool with steel-nozzles is available with 6 5/8" full hole and 4 ½" IF box threads.         

Changeable nozzles of 5 and 3 mm size.  

The cleaning tool is also available with ceramic nozzles. This to prevent washout of nozzles when operator prefer using drilling mud for cleaning operation. The cleaning tool is equipped with 32 ceramic nozzles with ID of 6,2 mm to prevent plugging. The tool is available with a 4 1/2" IF box connection.     

Both tools are equipped with Teflon nose to prevent damage in BOP and TBG Hanger area.          

Possibility to assemble magnet sub between nozzles and Teflon nose


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