Cuttings drier

The CSI Cuttings Drier type WSM – 04 Continuous Vertical Centrifuge (drier) can recover up to 96% of drilling fluids on cuttings.


Onsite Treatment Technologies AS has a large rental fleet covering most aspects of the drill cuttings handling operations onshore & offshore. We also have other type of equipment as for example hydraulic power packs, generators, mud skips, vacuum skips, air compressors, tanks and storage capacities, vacuum systems, swarf removal systems, filtration systems, high pressure triplex pumps and more.

We have equipment in operation in the North Sea, Norway, Denmark, United kingdom, Holland, United States, Ghana, Nigeria, Malaysia and more.

Cuttings drier

Dedicated to the volumetric reduction of drill solids waste and associated disposal expenses, ensuring environmental regulatory compliance while maximizing recovery of valuable base fluids. The CSI Cuttings Drier type WSM – 04 Continuous Vertical Centrifuge (drier) can recover up to 96% of drilling fluids on cuttings.

The substantial reduction in liquid/oil adhesion yields retort analysis of WSM discards ranging from 6% to as low as 1% oil by weight.

The WSM Vertical Centrifuge set the industry standards in field operations which meets the standards of Best Available Technology Economically Achievable (BAT) and Best Practical Control Technology Currently Available (BPT) establishing environmental parameters for allowable fluids discard on drill cuttings. Providing simultaneous reduction of operating cost and capital expense (substantially less than
competitors), vertical centrifuges are internationally recognized for dramatic decreases in drill solids waste discharge and maximum recovery of drilling fluids (synthetic, oil, or ester based). Improved maintenance characteristics for less downtime. All normal wear parts are conveniently accessible from the top of the machine. Belts can be easily changed without removing the drive assembly and the entire drive assembly was thoughtfully designed to be removed with few efforts.

The unit comes with a stand, the starter panel and a set spare screen 1 off.

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Cuttings drier key features ...

The VCD can achieve a 65% reduction in fluid discharge, with discards ranging from 6% to 4% oil, by weight.
The VCD can recover up to 90% of drilling fluids from cuttings.

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