November 6, 2020

Case Study: Norilsk Diesel Oil spill


Up to 21,000 cubic metres (17,500 tonnes) of diesel was discharged into the surrounding environment from a faulty storage tank in a remote area of Russia. The diesel found its way into the local water course. The spill was contained using a series of booms and the contaminated water was transferred to specially bunded bags.



OTS reacted with short notice and mobilised equipment via a client-chartered aircraft to a remote and inaccessible location by standard transport. The contaminated water was transferred from the bags via centrifugal pumps to filter units to remove the diesel. The resulting cleaned water was pumped into an industrial size man-made lake, the diesel was recovered for future usage.



The water was cleaned to the required environmental specification over a 3-month period. The client was very satisfied with OTS’s reactionary time and professionalism throughout the duration of this project.