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Our overall objective is to perform all activities without harm to people, the environment, property values and reputation.

We will conduct our business in compliance with laws and regulations and in such a way that our activites have minimal impact on the environment.

OTS aims to provide services that enable organisation to identify & qualify, evaluate, and monitor suppliers throughout the supply chain.

Quality policy:

Onsite Treatment Services AS (OTS) shall continuously develop and maintain the quality system to be able to deliver services that which satisfy business partners, stakeholders and our own quality requirements.

The quality system will work as an effective control tool internally in the company to prevent deviations at all levels in addition to identifying risks and opportunities in the organization.

We will continuously work to improve our processes in the company so that our customer’s expectations and requirements are met.

OTS shall ensure that all personnel have the necessary competence and experience to ensure that all operations are performed in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

OTS should be a preferred supplier because the quality of the work we perform is above the customer’s expectations.

We will achieve this by:

  • Focus on our customers’ requirements.
  • Ensure high and correct competence among our employees.
  • Evaluation and improvement of our internal processes.

Quality goals:

Our quality goals should reflect the policy and we will focus on:

  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Delivery quality to customer..
  • Increased Competence to employees.
  • No incorrect deliveries from critical suppliers 

HSE policy:

In OTS, health, environment, and safety will be an integrated element in all planning and implementation of our services. All work shall be planned, organized, and carried out with focus on human safety and protection of the external environment.

OTS has a zero-injury philosophy, and our goal is to have no injuries, lost working days or work-related illnesses.

We will achieve this by continuously improving our quality management system through systematic evaluation of working processes, internal control measures and measures to continuously identify hazards and environmental risks.

All employees in OTS shall be involved in our health, environment and safety work and take responsibility for ensuring that continuous and measurable improvements are achieved.

We will work continuously to have a safe workplace for our employees where the work environment and well-being are an important driving force.

HSE goals:

  • No injuries to personnel
  • Sick leave must be less than 2.5%

Environment policy:

OTS is aware of the environmental impact regarding the company’s activities, services and products, and work continuously on improvement work. We will work to develop products that can reduce our customers’ environmental footprint.

Through our operations, OTS will contribute to achieving the UN’s sustainability goals, the goals are a useful “compass” and framework for our work with sustainability. The activity in OTS can have both a positive and negative impact on the sustainability goals. Therefore, we make a systematic effort to make the negative impact as small as possible, while at the same time helping to achieve the goals.

We have chosen 4 of the UN’s sustainability goals where we have the greatest impact through our activities.

To achieve this, we shall:

  • Satisfy the authorities’ environmental requirements.
  • Make good, environmentally friendly choices in the implementation of our work processes.
  • Choose resources that have the least possible negative environmental impact.
  • Have control of environmental aspects at suppliers and other partners.
  • Inform about the company’s environmental aspects in an open and fact-based way.

Overall goals within the environment

  • We shall take environmental considerations into account in activities, projects, and procurements.
  • We will develop products that can reduce our customers’ environmental footprint.

OTS ethical guidelines

OTS are working according to the following ethical guidelines:

  • Internationally recognized human rights will always be respected.
  • There will be no discrimination or harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, race / nationality, age, religion, disability, or political beliefs.
  • All employees can join a trade union.
  • We will always follow current labour legislation, signed collectively agreements and company values.
  • We want to run our business in a way that has the least possible impact on the environment.
  • We should always try to avoid using minerals that are extracted and sold from country where armed conflict, oppression and violence occur.
  • We want to ensure that no child labour is used to carry out the work by us or our subcontractors.
  • We will ensure that no illegal payments are made to private individuals or companies to obtain preferential treatment.

Øyvind Jensen
Date 14.12.2022

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