November 30, 2022

OTS will be a part of Project Greensand in Denmark

Subsea CO2 Storage – it is not a science fiction dream…

OTS are happy to announce that we will be a part of the Project Greensand in Denmark. We will deliver High pressure pumps for injection of CO2 .

Semco are now actually ready with a new pumping system design that will enable subsea CO2 Storage in the North Sea in Connection with Project Greensand.

The new pumping system will transport liquid CO2 from containers via the Nini West platform and 1,800 metres below the sea, where the CO2 will be permanently stored in a sandstone reservoir.

”Semco are excited to be part of Project Greensand! For the past 40 years, Semco have worked to design and develop solutions for offshore operations. With Project Greensand, we have an opportunity to develop our competencies further and use them for the benefit of the climate,” says Anders Benfeldt, Semco Senior Vice President of Oil & Gas.