Mud cooler

The patented offshore mudcooler is one of the world class mudcoolers developed by Task Environmental Services for the oil and gas industry.

The OFM-D series mud coolers feature a direct cooling system using sea water for cooling.  For higher cooling requirements, each mud cooler can be equipped with a tandem cooling unit, in which the second unit functions    in parallel to the first unit.   You can choose the capacity   to suit your needs and still be ensured of the quality and reliability of OTS equipment.

When environmental protection is of key importance,   you can choose to install a mud cooler from the OTSOFM-I series.   All OTS OFM-I series mud coolers feature a patented closed-circuit cooling system with oil detection.   Oil-leakage problems are eliminated, allowing you to perform your drilling operations with­in the strictest environmental regu­la­tions while achieving maximum environmental


The mudcooler offers the following advantages:

  • Extremely suitable for mudcooling for HP/HT drilling
  • Extends uselful life of drilling equipment
  • Is environmental friendly
  • Improves working conditions


Offshore Mudcooler 4000kW

Overall Dimensions

  • Length:3000 mm
  • Width: 2000 mm
  • Height: 2100 mm
  • Weight: 5000 kg

Cooler Design Specifications

  • Flowrate: Up to 2500 ltr/min
  • Density of mud: Up to 1,85 kg/ltr
  • Inlet Temp:     85 °C
  • Outlet Temp:     50 °C
  • Capacity:     4000 kW
  • Operating Pressure Bar:
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Mud cooler key features ...

Suitable for mud cooling during high pressure/ high temperature (HP/HT) drilling
Extends useful life of drilling equipment
Improved working condition by easy access to the units components

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