Well Service Equipment

We are a complete supplier of high pressure pumping equipment for offshore well intervention and well service pumping operations.

Together with our manufacturing partners, we have the knowledge and expertise in the automation of deisel/electrical poweredn equipment and hydraulic pneumatic systems.

Our equipment is designed, manufactured and certified compliant to the highest quality standards and includes a complete documentation package.

OTS offer a pump unit rental fleet ranging from 450hp to 1450hp including:-

Ancillary equipment

  • C-pumps (electrical and diesel driven)
  • 2″ HP iron and 4″ LP hoses
  • Hydraulic power pack units (electrical and diesel driven)
  • Mud coolers

24 / 7 / 365 Technical service and support

  • Expert online support (Mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and software programmes)
  • Certified offshore technicians

Training courses (hands on)

  • Offshore pump unit and equipment operators
  • Certified offshore service technicians

Hire and sale

  • Hire and sale of standard and custom built equipment
Product photos

Well Service Equipment key features ...

Various sizes from 600 to 1400 bhp.
3G (zone 2) diesel safety protection systemwhich eliminates exhaust flame arresters.
Control system and PLC – Internet accessible.

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Do you want to know more about the possibilities? Or do you want a quick quote? Call (+47) 51 71 53 80 or send an email to post@ots.as.

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