March 9, 2018

The second generation of the CDP drill cutting transfer system.

For more than 15 years, OTS have provided the Norwegian offshore marked with an efficient safe and environmental friendly drill cutting transfer system from the shakers to cuttings containers

The CDP System

Based on a demand from onshore clients, OTS have now developed the second-generation CDP system for the onshore marked. Oil Operators have asked for a cutting handling system which remove hazard operation and reduce labor requirements in the back yard.

The fully automated CDP arm is design to for fill these requirements

Since the transfer of the cuttings from the shaker to the transportation containers will be in a close loop, it will also improve the environmental working condition around the rigs site. The CDP arm will be controlled by the PLC via sensors and radars. The PLC program will control the filling of the containers so it is evenly filled to make sure effective use of the containers.

To make sure the Operators have full control of generated cuttings and loss of drilling fluid during drilling operation, the CDP arm is fitted with weighing cells and level sensors, this allow for logging of volume and weight of the drill cutting before leaving the drilling site.