Closed Mud Skips

New design in order to meet the market requirements

  • Two double aluminum light weight sealed lids on each mud skip
  • Improved double sealing on all lids with improved safety locks
  • Up to four various size connections for vacum or positive pressure filling
  • Corresponding connections to the new powerful vacum units
  • Corresponding connections to the CDP
  • All units vacum rated
  • Fork lift pockets on all sides
  • DNV 2.7.1, certified
  • Comes complete with lifting slings


  • Length 2212 mm
  • Width 1852 mm
  • Hight 1616 mm
  • Tare 1650 kg
  • Payload 9350 kg
  • Rating 11000 kg
Product photos

Closed Mud Skips key features ...

Vacuum certified
Various connections for CDP and vacuum unit connections
DNV 2.7 1 certified
Payload 9350 kg

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