Environment skid

Environment skid for small volume contaminated fluids

Specially designed unit for treatment of small volume of contaminated fluid offshore or onshore.

The skid contains three filter pods with options to use either bags or cartridges and a pneumatic driven pump. The frame, pipe work and equipment are all in stainless steel.

The air driven pump is a 3″ Yamada Diaphragm pump type NDP 80.

Two of the pods could either be used for one bag or 6 cartridges.One pod for two bags or 18 cartridges.

Procedure for normal slop operation: First through 50 micron bag/cartridges and then 25 micron bag /cartridges before oil absorbing cartridges or bags.

Maximum recommended flow rate through unit with oil absorbing filter/bag 7,5m³/h.

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